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Genuine Dermaroller LondonThe Genuine Dermaroller has been shown to improve acne scars, sun-damage, lined decollete and stretch marks. The procedure places tiny pin-pricks in the skin, which encourages it to repair. The process promotes the rebuilding of collagen and elastin while helping to plump the skin and flatten scars. It can be used on the face, neck, decollete, arms or anywhere on the body with stretch marks.

Results do not occur immediately but a difference will be noticeable a few weeks after the first treatment. Three to five sessions are recommended depending on the condition, but this can be done over a period of months as the down-time is short (2 to 24 hours).


The Dermaroller treatment works very effectively in combination with Danne skin revision treatments and we would recommend this to get the best results.

Dermaroller BA

Genuine Dermaroller Case Study
Elisabeth McNeil (27)

Elisabeth was treated with a combination of Genuine Dermaroller and DMK Advanced Skin Revision treatments at our clinic. As a suffered of seborrhoea (blocked pores) since her teens, Elisabeth had spent a decade trying to manage the condition.

She was treated with a combination of Genuine Dermaroller and Danné advanced skin revision treatments at our clinic.

"As my pores were blocked, my skin looked slightly red with raised bumps. I’ve tried lots of different skincare products for my condition over the years but nothing seemed to work.

I decided to try Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ as I had been told that it would offer more long term results. It’s a simple, almost pain free treatment; anaesthetic cream is used to numb the skin so when the Dermaroller makes contact with it the most I felt was a mild scratching sensation.”

Immediately following the treatment, my skin felt slightly tight, sore and looked red – like it would following a day at the beach. The day after my treatment, my face was still pink and looked a little sunburnt, but by day three people were complimenting how refreshed my skin looked.

Time has taught me the real long-term effects of the Genuine Dermaroller treatment. It has undoubtedly changed the pattern my skin usually follows in terms of how long it takes my pores to re-fill and it’s lovely to have a longer period of time with clean un-blocked pores. I would definitely recommend it."

The photographs below are before and after one Dermaroller treatment:

Dermaroller BA