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These are just a few of the acne cases that Susanne has treated:


William Rickard age 15 years

Cystic Acne, Face, Back, Chest and Shoulders by Susanne Williams.

Last May, I started working with the BBC on a documentary on Acne and how it affects young people in the UK. They sent me a young teenager called Will who was 14 years old then. He had suffered with Acne for a long time and after a few years it had really began to bother him. His Mum wanted to find an answer to help him get rid of his Acne and fortunately a researcher for the BBC was at the same time looking for a teenager with either cystic or Vulgaris Acne for the planned documentary. Will was the perfect person for the job. Being interviewed by the BBC just came natural to him. He is already a star in the making.

Watch the video below:

Acne before and after

We began treatment right away and I saw Will every two weeks for the first 5 sessions. Will travelled to my Harley Street practise for his treatments from Yorkshire with his Mum. The television crew started the filming on the first treatment and the crew returned for the 5th treatment. As you can see, after 5 treatments, there is a very good improvement. I would consider this to be half way through his course of treatments.

Regular use of the home-care products between the in-clinic treatments are so important to obtaining good results. Will had an intelligent approach to his treatment and was fastidious in the use of his home care. It was very refreshing that he asked lots of questions during his treatment. Will was deeply interested in the progression of his treatments and took an active role in it. Personally, I really enjoyed him asking questions and understanding why certain procedures need to be carried out to get the good results. Most Danné Practitioners have a thirst for knowledge and ask many questions when on my training courses which is encouraged.

Currently, we have now completed 9 sessions. Will’s skin is amazing and he looks fabulous. You would never know that he had such an advanced stage of acne. He has changed his hair style and what we now see is very modern and confident young man. He was a pleasure to work with. Dr. King has asked him to be the DMK poster Boy for Acne, which will go all over the world. Hopefully, Will’s experience will let young people know there is an answer to their Acne problem, without taking any Medication. Will said that he wants to be a Doctor and I am sure that from my experience with him he will make a very successful one.

Dr. Danné Montague-King is completely right WE DO CHANGE LIVES EVERYDAY. Will is a perfect example of what Danné can do for people, young or old and it is very satisfying to know that with Danné we have the perfect tools to make this happen.

Susan Williams, Danne Montague-King Uk

“No one leaves my clinic with acne”

To introduce myself, my name is William Rickard. I’m 15 years old. Before Danné I suffered from severe cystic back, chest and face acne. Acne destroyed my life and personality day by day, to a point when I couldn’t look my Mum, my Dad and or my Siblings in the eye. I felt that bad. Now I’m happy with my life, my skin and I live a “normal” life again and I can look at people whilst talking without worrying about how I look.

Earlier this year my acne was at its worst. It wasn’t getting any better and the Doctors were not helping at all. No cream or drug could solve my problem. I tried everything; Benzyl Peroxide, 3 different tetracyclines, endless cream combinations. My skin just got dryer, crispier and spottier. I lost hope in Doctors at that point. I’d spend hours on the web researching treatments, never to be successful.

In April 2012 I found Danné and through the amazing help of the BBC, I was in contact with Susanne Williams. It was the biggest relief in my life when she said “No one leaves my clinic with acne”. And ever since that Susanne has kept to her word.

Come May, I headed down to Harley Street London on the train. The first time I visited, I felt scared, anxious and didn’t know what to expect, which is usual for someone first meeting someone that works on Harley Street. After visiting multiple times I now feel comfortable and homely to Susanne’s clinic. Susanne is a wonderful practitioner, there is not one thing that she doesn’t know about skin. I find it easy to talk to Susanne whilst at the clinic and we usually have a good chat. On a few occasions I’ve been tired from travelling, so I usually go to sleep for a good 40 minutes while Susanne does the treatment and I wake up feeling revived.

The treatments are never harsh on the skin. The alkaline peel did make me a little red, but I tend to blush easily anyway. The Enzyme therapies are my favourite; I see differences each and every time. The laser was the most interesting, good results came from the laser and it didn’t hurt. The acne scar treatment is also coming on well. It can be painful, but after the first treatment it doesn’t hurt as much and the after-care is easy for scar treatment.

The home regime is the best thing ever. I love it. At first I thought it would take a long time to put on 4 products a day onto my body, but it only takes 2 minutes. It is easier to do than my previous drugstore regime, which never worked! The new DMK Acu System which Susanne put me on a few weeks ago, is even better than the original products. The AKU-KLENZ face wash leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and soft.

I like to add the Melanoplex drops from time to time, I would recommend getting a bottle. If I look tired in the morning or my skin my looks tired, I put some on and my skin looks better. I tend to use this before going to a party or going somewhere important. Contraderm or as Susanne calls it “magic cream” is amazing, if I have a big spot that needs to go by tomorrow, I blob a bit on and then the next day it’s gone.

I would recommend Danné to anyone who suffers with any type of acne; it will change you and your life for a fact.

William x