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Paramedical Skin Care

Paramedical Skin Care

Enzyme treatments are an essential component of DMK skincare. Excessive dead cell build-up contributes to wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, brown spots, blemishes sun damage and acne. To remove this build-up DMK offers a unique and exclusive series of enzymes treatments; these enzymes catalyse all cell activity within our body and skin.

DMK Enzyme treatments tighten, tone and firm skin with visible results from the very first treatment. They work on a principle of reverse osmosis, drawing out impurities in your living cells, digesting dead cell materials and opening up the vascular system to bring oxygen to skin cells from INSIDE the body. This encourages your own skin to form new collagen and provides renewed elastin activity.

DMK has many other professional treatments that utilise special AHA's, Alkalines and Phenols to assist in specific removal processes.

The Pro Alpha treatment is a deep peeling treatment for damaged skin whether it is ageing, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne scarring or post operative scarring. It utilises a unique blend of Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy acids and is professionally adjusted to each skin type (of all races). This treatment provides many of the benefits of the medical deep acid peels without the extreme discomfort and convalescence.

All treatments are progressive and a Home Prescription Regime, selected by your practitioner, is necessary with every treatment.