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What is acne?

DMK Skin clinics offer bespoke skin treatments that are tailored to your skin, using a different combination of DMK products on every skin type. Nobody’s skin is the same, therefore no treatment will ever be the same.

Contributing and aggravating factors:

1. Increased oil production
2. Abnormality in the bacteria (Propionibacterium) of the skin, which can produce inflammation.
3. Abnormality in cell turnover, resulting in blockages deep down in hair shafts and oil glands.
4. Hormonal imbalances
5. Stress- Physical, emotional or job related

Peak acne years are 14-17 in females and 16-19 in males and as many as 40% of females and 35% of males are affected during these peak years. However with today’s lifestyle, stress levels, hormone imbalances and increased intake of medications adult acne is certainly on the rise.

Acne is a chronic disorder. Even when the skin looks clear, it will still have acne impactions and constant tension in its follicles. If you could see inside these weakened follicles, you’d see constant breaking, leaking and healing activity.

Acne is graded from 1 to 4 depending on the severity or be diagnosed either INFLAMED or NON-INFLAMMED. Basically in acne skin the problem is that the skin is not functioning properly.

Contributing factors in detail

A build up of excess dead cell material

A contributor to adult acne is dead cell build up as it acts as an inhibitor to the skin’s functioning. This excess build up can block sebaceous glands and hair shafts causing blackheads and congestion leading to inflammation, outbreaks and eruptions. If the skin is not functioning properly it is easily invaded by bacterial attack, especially if the immune responses are not strong and the acid mantle is impaired.

Poor skin conditioning and incorrect product usage

Hard scrubbing and over exfoliation can exacerbate the problem by being over stimulating. Many acne products are very stripping and drying and this will make the oil gland accelerate oil production and make the acne even worse.


Hormones have the ability to change messages within our body. An increase in the amount of Androgens that stimulate oil glands can cause acne in both males and females.


In today’s fast-paced society, stress is a big contributor to adult acne and many other health issues. Stress increases the body’s cortisol levels and can affect hormones. It also suppresses the immune system which affects the activity of Langerhans cells (which defend against micro-organisms and fight against bacterial infection) in the epidermis of our skin.

Our Treatment

The skin is examined and the DMK practitioner will decide on the appropriate blend of products to be applied using an exclusive group of enzymes and co-enzymes. These will consist of products to soften/remove dead skin cells, hardened plugs of sebum, destroy P-acne bacteria and hydrolyse and flush out dead keratin and proteins.

Home Prescriptives

The DMK Acu products will work in conjunction with your treatments and are an essential part of keeping your acne at bay. It is necessary to use the DMK homecare products twice daily to continue the positive effects of your treatment. Your Practitioner will prescribe the appropriate products specifically for your skin.

DMK paramedical skin corrective procedures work with the internal skin function and structure, addressing the deeper concerns and getting to the core of the problem.

All treatments and products are designed to compliment the skin’s chemistry.

Our Danne Harley Street Clinic provides acne treatments throughout London, Surrey and Middlesex. Call 020 7291 4449 for more information.