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Beau Visage™ Skin Imaging System

Beau Visage Skin AnalysisHave you ever wondered what is happening inside your skin?

Now you can take a deeper look and see for yourself.

The Beau Visage™ is a new Client Consultation system that enables us to capture and track before-and-after images of your face. It provides the ability to see at least 2mm under the surface of your skin, to view blood, melanin, sun damage and also calculate your skin’s age.

Beau Visage™ helps us to ensure we have a accurate diagnosis in order to treat the skin accordingly.

A customised Beau Visage™ report is printed out for you showing the facial images, skin age, treatment plan and recommended Home Prescriptives which are necessary for all DMK Paramedical treatments.

At intervals throughout your treatment plan you are photographed again and your progress is tracked using the Beau Visage™ Timeline™, calculating skin age at each consultation.

Beau Visage Skin Imaging System

Beau Visage