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Alkaline Wash Hair Removal For Fine Downy Hair

Fine, Downy hair can be as much a problem as the stronger terminal hair and is usually dense on the sides of the face and neck. The exclusive Alkaline Wash treatment can remove large areas of hair in one session; after a few treatments the hair grows back finer until there is no need to have further treatment.

Permanent hair removal with Alkaline Wash may take as long as electrolysis. The advantage over electrolysis is that Alkaline Wash removes large areas of hair at one time, as opposed to the tiny areas removed per session via electrolysis. This is also performed with no discomfort whatsoever.

Some of the hair removed will first grow back at its normal rate. Then, as treatments progress, the re-growth rate will become slower and slower. Hair will not grow back any coarser after Alkaline Wash treatment and it doesn’t stimulate dormant hair follicules, as waxing sometimes does.

Alkaline Wash is most effective when treating fine downy hair. Although it can be used elsewhere it is particularly suitable for the face and upper lip areas where there is often a dense growth of fine hair. Many patients have a combination of downy hair and strong hair. In some cases the treatment will include Alkaline Wash followed by IPL/Laser treatment to ensure all unwanted hair is treated.

It cannot be predicted how many treatments are necessary as each client has a different physiology; but as a general guideline you can expect some kind of reduction after approximately 6 treatments. Alkaline Wash is also ideal for those not suitable for waxing or Electrolysis.

Men who are on female hormones whilst undergoing sexual reassignment, have commonly reported permanent loss of hair after repeated Alkaline Wash treatments.


  • The treatment is painless
  • Removes large areas of hair in one session
  • Normally leads to permanent removal of fine downy hair
  • Ideal for people who are not suitable for waxing or electrolysis
  • Works well when combined with electrolysis


  • Do not sunbathe or use a sun-bed for 14 days
  • Do not apply makeup for 12 hours unless it is provided by the DMK practitioner
  • Use DMK Seba-E Oil at home twice daily for 5 days
  • Use Sunblock continuously following treatment

All skin types and ethnicities can be treated adjusting the process for the individual. A patch test (done 48 – 72 hours before treatment) and consultation are required. The treatment not only removes the fine velous hair but also acts as an exfoliate which will leave the skin smooth and refined. Home Prescriptives are needed, following treatment.

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