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Alma Lasers’ Legato – Pixel RF Module

Breaking Through the Skin Barrier

The Alma Lasers’ Legato is highly effective for concerns such as Fine Lines & Wrinkles around the eyes, above the lip and sides of the mouth. These are the greatest signs of ageing, usually caused by environmental factors and lifestyle choices, such as smoking, unprotected sun exposure and also genetics.

The Pixel RF can be used on any part of the Face or body, including the Neck, Decollete, Arms, Stomach (Stretch marks), Hips and legs. It also treats Age Spots and evens out Acne Scars. It is safe for any skin colour.

The Alma Lasers’ Legato is a revolutionary treatment combining two novel technologies – Pixel RF and impact. The combination of these two unique technologies introduces a new method of Trans-Epidermal Delivery (TED), which delivers cosmeceutical products past the stratum corneum and epidermis, to the dermis, for more localised and long-lasting effectiveness.

The Legato employs a three-phase process to achieve effective Trans-Epidermal Delivery:

Phase one: Phase two: Phase three:

Radio Frequency

The Pixel RF Module is applied.

The Ultrasound generates acoustic pressure that inserts the cosmeceuticals product beneath the surface of the skin through micro-channels.

Pixel RF Module

Pixel RFThe Pixel RF Module creates multiple controlled micro-channels within a local thermal injury zone. These micro-channels enable cosmeceutical products to penetrate the skin barrier.

  • The Pixel RF uses radio frequency energy to produce micro-sparks that travel between the skin’s surface and the RF electrode.
  • The micro-spark perforates the skin.
  • This process produces micro-channels, the depth and diameter of which may be controlled by adjusting the level of RF power.

Ultrasound Module

The Ultrasound Module generates acoustic pressure that creates a unique push-pull effect to maximise the depth of penetration and efficacy of the cosmeceutical product delivery.

How the Ultrasound Module Works

The Ultrasound Module produces intermittently high positive and negative acoustic pressure that accelerates the cosmeceutical product’s delivery to the dermis and increases its distribution.

Our Danne Harley Street Clinic provides Legato Pixel RF treatments throughout London, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey. Call 020 7291 4449 for more information.