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The formation of scars, whether caused by accident, acne or surgery, is unpredictable. The way a scar develops depends as much on how a client’s body heals, as it does on the original injury. For example the variable factors are:

  • Size and depth of the wound
  • Blood supply to the area
  • Thickness and colour of the skin (including ethnic aspects)
  • Direction of the scar on the skin (across or with the “grain” of the skin)

After a thorough skin diagnosis, a treatment program will be established according to the type of scar tissue, and the client’s genetic colouring. Scar revision will always require a combination of the DMK resurfacing procedures and will take time. The treatments may include Six Layer Peel, Alkaline, Prozyme and Enzymes and Laser for rejuvenation.

Each treatment will be progressive and different, with correct protocols and Home Prescriptives being advised by your Practitioner.

Case Studies:
Scarring Treatments

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Our Danne Harley Street Clinic provides scarring treatments throughout London, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey. Call 020 7291 4449 for more information.

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